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Ah, the great outdoors! Is there anything more wholesome than camping? Camping offers a lot of different options for couples to experience, and for those who are looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, sex while camping might just be what you want to pursue. The thing about sex while camping is that it has it’s risks. It’s not the hotel next door – it’s the woods. If you have been thinking about it, it’s important to know how to keep yourself from getting the worst possible outcomes.

Before you go out on that sexy hike, think about who likes sex while camping more than others:

People who LOVE risky sex

Sex while camping is basically public sex, even if you do it in a tent. The rush is always worth the risk for exhibitionists, but it’s always a good idea to minimize the risk of getting arrested. The easiest way to do this is to either engage in tent sex, where people will be less likely to make a scene about it, or to do it in a more secluded part of the woods, off the beaten path. It should also be noted that nudist locations often frown against public sex, and are actually more likely to call the police than other places.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that sex while camping also has the risk of ticks and other nasty bug bites. This means that as delicious as that strawberry-scented body spray might smell, it’s a bad idea to wear it during a hot and heavy camping trip. Instead, opt for bug spray. It may not be as sexy, but it will keep you from getting ticks where the sun doesn’t shine.

Of course, the worst thing that can happen after any love session is to wake up with an unexplainable rash. Luckily, you can explain a lot of the rashes that you can get while having sex in the great outdoors such as poison ivy, poison sumac, and similar. So, before you blame your lover for that strange itching down there, make sure that you weren’t rolling around in a poisonous plant field.

The basic gist of it is that you will need to get prepared before you try this sexual stunt. Having sex while camping is adventurous because it’s risky. There is a small chance that you will get caught with your pants down, and that won’t be pleasant. However, a little preparation will prevent you from getting the pitfalls that can seriously harm your chances at enjoying all that sex in the outdoors can offer you. It’s hot, it’s adventurous, and it’s a lot of fun as long as you do it the right way.

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