By | March 8, 2017

In this article you are going to discover some important SEX ADVICE that most men have no idea about. I’m going to show you how to stop your woman from linking bad sex to you and then give you some easy to use tips that will let you give her GREAT SEX.

Does that sound good?

If so, please read on carefully because it’s vital that you know this if you want to have a happy, long lasting, fulfilling SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with your woman.

Here’s the thing…

Most guys just seem to be happy if they are “getting some”. In other words – so long as they are having sex with their woman, they are usually cool with that.

The problem with that approach is that it leads most guys to be BORING lovers and they very often (like nearly always) fail to give their women what they want in the bedroom.

If you make this mistake with your woman, where you basically “take” and don’t “give” in the bedroom – your woman will start to LINK BAD SEX TO YOU.

And that is a very bad thing because sooner or later she will either:

  • Stop wanting to have sex with you.
  • CHEAT on you to try and get better sex.
  • Leave you for another man.

Those are not great outcomes, are they? BUT they happen all the time. Women cheat on men way more than men think and the reason is very often because they are getting BAD SEX from their man.


Here is how to stop your woman linking bad sex to you…

To prevent your woman from thinking you are useless in bed, you must change your current strategy because it’s clearly not working. Seriously, trust me – if you are not giving your woman VAGINAL ORGASMS every time you take her to the bedroom, your approach to love-making is not working.

So the way you stop your woman linking bad sex to you is to CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Duh, tell me something I didn’t already know”

But truth be told, most guys just carry on doing the same things over and over again until their woman cheats, leaves or stops wanting sex.

So I had to state the obvious.

Now let me give you some techniques that you can use to give your woman GREAT SEX…

4 Tips To Giving Your Woman Great Sex

1. Stop Being A Wimp

Listen up – women like STRONG, decisive, sexually confident men.

So you have to start BEING A MAN and take control in the bedroom. Start leading your woman and she’ll love you for it. It’s essential that you do this if you want to give her great sex.

2. Use Your Voice

Women love dirty talk.

So if you want to give your woman great sex – you have to talk dirty to her. Remember – your woman’s most important sexual organ is her mind.

3. Keep It Interesting

Look, the simple fact is that the same old sex over and over again gets boring.

So you have to make each sexual encounter that you lead your woman through different every single time.

It’s not hard to do with a little thought and imagination.

4. Give Your Woman Vaginal Orgasms

70% of women haven’t had the pleasure of a vaginal orgasm. When you give your woman vaginal orgasms EVERY TIME you take her to the bedroom, she will become addicted to your love making. Guaranteed.

To give your woman her first vaginal orgasm, you must use The Deep Spot Method.

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